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  • A hotel's suite is often its most desired room and the epitome of hospitality
  • London's Corinthia Hotel's penthouse is the largest two-bedroom hotel residence in the city
  • Hotel suite views are luxe: Everything from desert beauty to Arabian horses enhance the rooms

A hotel suite ought to leave an impression—these eight most certainly do.

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No matter the destination, and no matter the reason for being there, the allure of a hotel suite knows no bounds. A suite is a hotel's first-class seat, often the most desired room and the epitome of hospitality done right. Be it palatial or cozy, high-design or low-key, it offers a place to eat, sleep, dress, entertain, observe or just plain lounge. The overall effect can be irresistible.

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Many hotels have taken their suite offerings to (literally) new heights. London's Corinthia Hotel, for instance, houses the 5,000-square-foot Royal Penthouse, which contains its own spa-treatment pod and a striking spiral staircase (among other luxe touches) and is the largest two-bedroom hotel residence in that city. The chic Arts Suite at the design-driven Hotel Arts Barcelona offers guests special extras, such as helicopter transport to lunch at one of Spain's Michelin-starred restaurants, or electric Smart cars to drive around town.

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While size is often a major selling point, it isn't the only measure of success. Taking cues from the outside environment can turn an already spectacular setting into something extraordinary. The Girijaala Suite at Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah, takes full advantage of its superb desert locale, incorporating natural elements into its design and maximizing views of the Entrada Sandstone mesas. And in Marrakech, the Atlas Deluxe Suite at Selman is perched on 15 acres of parkland and offers unprecedented views of the Atlas Mountains, as well as the hotel's 16 Arabian horses.

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Award-winning actress Vivien Leigh once said, "I need something truly beautiful to look at in hotel rooms." These suites have beautiful views of all kinds covered, but they also create an experience that conforms to every need, making for a truly unforgettable stay.

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