How to raise a 'cleaner, fresher tasting fish'


    Open-ocean fish farmer: Future of food


Open-ocean fish farmer: Future of food 06:09

By The Next List staff, CNN

(CNN) --- Brian O’Hanlon learned long ago that the world’s supply of wild-caught seafood could never keep up with ever-increasing demand. He set his sights on solving the problem and today, O’Hanlon is the Founder and President of Open Blue, the world’s largest open-ocean fish farm.

O’Hanlon is raising fish far out at sea where the clean water and brisk currents are the natural place for fish to thrive. The fish are raised from eggs and everything they eat is controlled. That means they are free of contaminants like PCBs and mercury. To O’Hanlon, the mission is clear: “Our whole goal is to provide a more natural, healthier environment for the fish.”


      Brian O'Hanlon: Feeding a hungry world


    Brian O'Hanlon: Feeding a hungry world 05:05

    O’Hanlon hopes his approach will be a model for the future of fish farming. His insight and innovative ideas are capturing the industry’s attention and providing a critical resource to a hungry world. Check out the video at the top of this post to learn more about his work.

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