The Syrian crisis, by the numbers

Story highlights

  • The United Nations says 103,416 Syrians sought asylum in surrounding countries in August
  • As of July, half of the refugees were children or adolescents, the U.N. says
  • It says 1% of Syrian citizens are now refugees
  • Reports of deaths from the Syrian conflict vary from 18,000 to 22,000

Eighteen months into the Syrian crisis, refugees are fleeing the country at a skyrocketing rate as the bloodshed claims more and more lives.

Here is a look at some of the latest numbers in the civil war, according to the United Nations unless noted otherwise:

103,416 -- Syrians who sought asylum in surrounding countries in August

235,300 -- Refugees who have registered or are awaiting registration

1 -- The percentage of Syrian citizens who are now refugees

1,000 -- Refugees arriving in Jordan each day

More than 80,000 -- Refugees in Turkey

More than 59,000 -- Displaced Syrians registered or awaiting registration with the U.N. in Lebanon

About 20,000 -- Refugees who have registered in Iraq

Half -- The portion of refugees who were children or adolescents, as of July

More than 2.5 million -- People "in grave need of assistance and protection inside Syria"

More than 1.2 million -- People who have sought refuge in Syrian public buildings such as schools and mosques

171 - Schools in the Damascus area alone "hosting" internally displaced people

More than 18,000 -- The death toll in the Syrian conflict, according to the U.N.

Up to 22,000 -- The death toll that some opposition groups report

$180 million - The amount requested by the U.N. for activities in Syria. About half has been received.

$193 million - The amount requested for a regional plan for refugees. About $104 million has been received.

43 - Public hospitals severely damaged by the violence. 143 health clinics have been affected as well.