Six OMG moments at the RNC

This man's hat made from a case of beer was posted on Twitter by @MichaelFHafner who captured it on Fox News.

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  • "Is crying becoming a 'thing' for Republicans?" asks one tweeter
  • LGBT group threw a party that included go-go dancers and a velvet rope
  • The Twitter account @ClintsChair has more than 2,000 followers
  • Several photos of a man wearing a hat made of a beer case earned salutes

The Internet was made for moments like these.

Clint Eastwood and his empty chair didn't so much detract from Mitt Romney's big moment at the last night of the Republican National Convention, as much as they became breakout stars in their own right. Romney and Marco Rubio still had their moments. Clint retained his Hollywood icon status. And two new stars were born, Invisible Obama and Clint's Chair.

Those weren't the only OMG moment during the final night of the RNC.

1. More crying

"Is crying becoming a 'thing' for Republicans?" asked @libgrrrl Thursday night.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

One of Eastwood's most tweeted moments was his reference to crying when Obama was elected.

"I just thought this is great. Everybody's crying, Oprah was crying. I was even crying," he said.

Clint Eastwood's entire RNC speech
Clint Eastwood's entire RNC speech


    Clint Eastwood's entire RNC speech


Clint Eastwood's entire RNC speech 11:40
RNC declares Romney and Ryan nominees
RNC declares Romney and Ryan nominees


    RNC declares Romney and Ryan nominees


RNC declares Romney and Ryan nominees 03:16
Did Romney reinvent himself?
Did Romney reinvent himself?


    Did Romney reinvent himself?


Did Romney reinvent himself? 04:00

U.S. Olympian Mike Eruzione got choked up speaking about carrying the World Trade Center flag during the 2002 Opening Ceremony, but it was Romney talking about single rose his father would leave by his mother's bedside every day that had most eyes welling up, including Romney's.

"Mitt's tearing up talking about his parents! Y'all I can't even deal with all this crying tonight," tweeted @rsethib

And then there were the weepers in the audience, some of whom managed to hold back tears long enough to tweet, like @ShoshanaWeissmann, "Loving this!!!!!! Crying a little and SO inspired!!!!!!"

2. Homocon

An unidentified woman tears up as Mitt Romney speaks about his parents during Thursday night's speech.

CNN reporter Jen Christensen spent time with members of the Log Cabin Republicans who were invited to participate in the convention platform for the first time this year. The LGBT group GOProud threw a Tuesday night party called "Homocon," that included go-go dancers and a velvet rope. However inclusion did not = acceptance. But let's focus on the lighter moments shall we?

"Dance remix of 'say a little prayer' plays at #homocon and still no one dancing. I'm sorry, but are these Republicans really gay?? #gop2012," wrote @libawr

Cheryl Howell, a delegate from Michigan, wipes tears during the final session of the Republican National Convention.

"Weirdest events for #RNC2012? Try zombies, Homocon and comedian (?) Grover Norquist," wrote @Danielson_Times

3. Take a seat. Almost any seat.

When comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted, " 'If Clint Eastwood ever talks to a chair on national TV, people will need a way to reassure each other' -- inventor of Twitter, March 2006," not everyone was amused.

Thankfully we were.

In true Twitter fashion, the social community soon asked why Eastwood should be having all the fun and decided to turn the spotlight back on themselves by snapping photos of their own empty chairs and tagging them #eastwooding. More than 500 tagged photos were uploaded to Instagram with many more shared on Twitter. Cats, dogs and babies were of course, included, as the Internet gets extremely anxious whenever they stray too far from cats, dogs or babies.

Mia Farrow almost got in on the joke, neglecting to post a photo when she tweeted, "Breakfast w #emptychair. We were a little rude to invisible guest #eastwooding."

The fun extended all the way to Pinterest as Invisible_Obama posted, "At last a worthy opponent," with a pin of Romney and an empty wooden chair.

Piers Morgan summed it all up with this tweet, "Awk-ward. #Clint"

The Twitter account @ClintsChair has more than 2,000 followers and continued tweeting through the night, taking responsibility at one point for Eastwood's ramblings.

"I was talking to Clint about Afghanistan right before we went out there. That's why I forgot his notes."

And it wasn't too long before @BarackObama responded with "This seat's taken," showing Obama comfortably seated in a leather chair clearly labeled "The President."

(As a side note, "The Empty Chair" Facebook page is a community focused on supporting and comforting survivors of grief. They continue on as usual, seemingly unaffected by the empty chair meme.)

4. America. America. America.

How many times did Romney say "America?" The great folks at @Upworthy counted 95. But they might have missed a few since they made a drinking game out of it.

@Upworthy, "If you are still playing the #AmericaCount drinking game, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. #GOP2012"

5. This guy

Several photos of a man wearing what appeared to be a cowboy hat made of a Yuengling beer case earned salutes, praise and a few questions. We say: Well played, sir.

"ok yeah this guy made a cowboy hat out of a case of Yuengling and went to the #rnc," tweeted @trimpey who posted a photo for our benefit.

6. WTH?

It's no surprise Eastwood's conversation with an empty chair raised a lot of eyebrows. Anyone having an unscripted conversation with an empty chair during a live broadcast on every major network would. It is Clint Eastwood, after all. What the Internet seemed most delighted by was that no one could decipher what Eastwood was actually saying.

Transcripts revealed a text riddled with incomplete sentences. The best "summary" was posted on Comedy Central's Indecision Tumblr and goes like this, "I was talking to Barack Obama the other day... Potato. Sneaker. Fish. Pizza. Algebra. Racecar."

On Twitter, the accounts @InvisibleObama and @ClintsChair rocketed to instant popular kid status tweeting things like, "Sigh...agent just got off the phone with Biden. Booked for Charlotte." (@ClintsChair) The Facebook page Invisible Obama (one of three) began posting photos of, wait for it, Invisible Obama doing things POTUS would.

But they didn't have all the fun.

"After Clint Eastwood's chair, Romney is back stage feverishly making a sock puppet," wrote @rationalists

Oh, if only it were true.

Dems, your move.