Five OMG moments at the RNC

GOP delegates snapped photos of themselves wearing these Paul Ryan paper masks and posted them to Instagram.

Story highlights

  • There are convention moments that make us SMH, LOL or unfollow certain people
  • Condoleezza's Rice's lipstick malfunction got as much buzz as her speech
  • Paul Ryan's widow's peak drew comparisons to Eddie Munster
  • Ryan might be handsome, but Santorum's speech was hand-somer

Anyone can turn on a TV, scan their newsfeeds or fire up a laptop to quickly get a sense of the important topics being discussed at the Republican National Convention.

This is not about those. This is for those other moments -- the ones that make us SMH or LOL or unfollow certain people on Twitter. These are the moments that prompt us to show our phones to the person next to us, eyes wide with disbelief and mischief. It's not news.

1. Strange looks

Men and women had plenty to say about Condoleezza Rice's lipstick malfunction on Twitter and Instagram during her Wednesday speech.

"I don't care what their beliefs are I will always feel completely awful for any woman who has lipstick on their teeth in public," wrote Twitter user @Morgan Murphy. Others were not so kind.

"A good friend would have told Condi she had lipstick on her teeth. Where's Ann? Dropping the ball, that's where," wrote @mkusek01060

At least no one created a Twitter account for Condi's Lipstick.

What does a cartoonist draw at the RNC?
What does a cartoonist draw at the RNC?


    What does a cartoonist draw at the RNC?


What does a cartoonist draw at the RNC? 01:49
Convention Cam: On the floor of the RNC
Convention Cam: On the floor of the RNC


    Convention Cam: On the floor of the RNC


Convention Cam: On the floor of the RNC 00:54

The distraction theme continued as Paul Ryan and his widow's peak took the stage.

"Paul Ryan. The charisma of Edward Kennedy. The widow's peak of Edward Munster," wrote @SteveintheKT

"All you listen to Ryan for his powerful speech, I just stare at his widow's peak," wrote @bey_guy87

On Facebook David Atherton attributed the following to Wikipedia, "In political polling, widow's peaks are considered to be a facial attribute for candidates that is a clear positive ... associated with being seen as more competent and with greater integrity."

2. Making faces

Continuing on the distraction theme were these tweets from co-creator of "The Daily Show," Liz Winstead.

"McCain is doing his blinky thing! The one where he blinks a bunch when he doesn't believe what he is saying," she posted.

"Blab all you want abt Ann Romney's speech- nothing will help if Mitt doesn't lose that 'I have a weird thing on my tongue' face."

This guy thinks he and Paul Ryan look alike.

And in one of the fantastically creepy trends to emerge from the convention delegates snapped photos of themselves wearing paper masks of Paul Ryan and then posted them to Instagram.

3. Bringing sexy back

But before Paul Ryan even opened his mouth Wednesday night, Twitter was already reflecting on Paul Ryan's sex appeal.

@chrissyadeleke Pretty ballsy speech by Paul Ryan. Not gonna lie. I liked it. He makes politics sexy. Because he is sexy.

@cMMoore6 Paul Ryan is sexy. #simple

@sarahcgoldstein Paul Ryan has the most handsome blue eyes. Very sexy.

@Lynzeebug22 Paul Ryan is kinda hot... Sexy vice president. Im down

You get the idea.

4. Elevator music musings

Step into the nearest elevator and what do you hear? Probably the Village Voice furiously typing this tweet after Ryan made a reference to the generation gap between him and Romney based on their music preferences:

@villagevoice Paul Ryan fails to realize that classic rock is pretty much the new elevator music

Comedian @robfee quipped, " 'Haha Paul Ryan has dumb music on his iPod!' - Joe Biden as he duct tapes a Ray Stevens cd to his walkman"

5. Give Santorum a hand?

How many times did Santorum mention #hands during his Tuesday night speech? We stopped counting at 20.

Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley said, "Rick Santorum said #hands 24 times,#Romney 3 times in that speech."

See for yourself in this uncut replay on YouTube.

What were your favorite OMG moments of the RNC? Tell us in the comments.