Quiz: How to negotiate office politics

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    • Smile like you mean it

      If you find yourself giving off a sunnier disposition when your boss is smiling, it might be because your brain is wired to do so.
    • Working for the 'good guys'

      Employees want to work for the good guys and if companies want to attract and keep top talent, corporate social responsibility matters.
    • The Hive, a co-working space in Hong Kong, opened in May.

      Spaced out

      Co-working spaces are on the rise in Asia where rents, and a desire to collaborate, are high.
    • Tech to change your life

      From 'gameification' to virtual reality Google glasses, check out the top 10 tech coming to an office near you soon.
    • Wacky workplace novels

      In 2009, Lu Qi, an author of martial arts novels, published his first book on a slightly different type of combat sport: office politics in China.
    • Improve your office life

      From dogs and plants to turning off your devices, we highlight eight ways to make office life better.
    • 'Generation Y' to dominate

      It could be out with old meeting rooms and in with new social spaces, as Generation Y is set to transform the way we work in the next ten years.
    • Quiz: Business jargon

      You're in your 'swim lane' and the 'tiger team' is on the way. Are you stumped or ready for business?