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Penn State holds its first football game Saturday since unprecedented sanctions were announced against the school over the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal.
President Obama kick off his "Road to Charlotte" tour on Saturday in Des Moines, Iowa before traveling across the state to Sioux City. The Democratic National Convention will be held September 4-6 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
President Obama will campaign in Boulder, Colorado, as part of his "Road to Charlotte" tour.
California-Schools-Crime-Bill (with art)
Allegations of lewd acts committed by a teacher on students in a Los Angeles-area elementary school sent shockwaves across the community last year. But the outrage didn't end there. Amid a year-long police investigation involving dozens of photos showing the alleged acts, the school district -- faced with strict state rules -- could not fire the teacher. Instead, it paid him $40,000 to quit his job.
US-Loose-Nuke-Ideas (with art)
Have an idea about how to prevent "loose nukes" from falling into the hands of terrorists? The State Department wants to hear from you. The department is launching what it's calling the Innovation in Arms Control Challenge, which urges "garage tinkerers and technologists ... gadget entrepreneurs and students," to come up with innovative new ideas to support U.S. arms control and nonproliferation efforts. For winners there will be an award of up to $10,000.
Syria-Uprising-Art-Defiance (with art)
With horrors emerging from Syria's civil war with numbing regularity, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the uprising has not been waged only with guns. A creative and resolutely non-violent form of opposition to Bashar al-Assad's regime has taken hold in Syria, as the country's artists respond to the crisis with newfound boldness and purpose, despite the clear dangers in doing so.
For more than a year, Chris Bayer, a Canadian student, waited tables alongside Chinese migrant workers in a restaurant in Shanghai. While there he received an intimate glimpse of what work life is like for millions in mainland China.
POL-Ann-Romney-Role (with art)
Her family calls her the Mitt Stabilizer. Ann Romney, who is someone who is known to be able to calm her husband down when needed, is taking center stage in trying to paint a more personal picture of her husband of 43 years. "Whenever Mitt might start, you know, winding up and getting really -- highly energetic they're -- they know that I have, like, a very calming influence on him," Ann Romney told CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger in a wide-ranging and at times emotional interview at the family's New Hampshire lakeside home. When asked her secret, she couldn't really explain it.
POL-Miriam-Adelson-Profile (with art)
As the other half of a billionaire political power couple, a mother, a doctor and philanthropist, Miriam Adelson's name carries a lot of credibility with Republican women. Adelson, an expert in drug addiction who has supported countless organizations, is seen as a champion of women's issues and groups.
MONEY-Parents-College-Debt (with art)
Parents are doing whatever they can to send their kids to college without leaving them drowning in debt upon graduation.
As we tuck ourselves into bed at night, little do we realize that we have the chance to get some extra work done while we sleep. The unconscious mind has long been appreciated as a well of creativity from which some of our greatest artworks, scientific discoveries and inventions have been dredged up. But studies show it is also a powerhouse when it comes to processing unwieldy amounts of information.
MED-Vocational-Programs-Autism (with art)
Google "vocational interventions for young adults with autism" and you'll get more than 200,000 results. But a new study finds there's little science to backup the efficacy of current methods used to help young adults with these neurodevelopmental disorders segue into the workforce.
MED-Midlife-Fitness-Delays-Chronic-Disease (with art)
We all know that exercise and fitness are key components to healthy living. Now new research is adding further proof that it will increase your quality of life. The study, published in this week's Archive of Internal Medicine, finds that being fit in the middle of your life not only delays the onset of chronic diseases later in life, but also shortens the duration of disease.
TECH-Oldest-Facebook-User (with art)
She may be nearly four times as old as its founder, but Florence Detlor likes Facebook. At 101 years old, she's been named by the social network as the oldest of their 900 million registered users.
TRAVEL-Artists-Homes-Studios (with art)
Six destinations where you can explore the personal universes of several renowned artists..
TRAVEL-Golf-Gary-Player (with art)
That's what puts bread and butter on the table!" chirped golfing great Gary Player as he putted a ball effortlessly on the green. The man who has trademarked himself as the "World's Most Traveled Athlete" says he has racked up more than 15 million air miles traveling the world in a stellar career that saw him win 165 tournaments and nine major championships over five decades. But a lot has changed since his early days on the pro golf circuit.
FEA-Living-Happily-With-Less (with art)
Chicago life and business coach Nicole A. Dunbar has learned to live with less, and love it. Before launching her own coaching and motivational speaking business last year, Dunbar had a "day job" in academic fundraising and lived in affluent Hyde Park, a neighborhood adjacent to President Barack Obama's Chicago home. Pricey dinners out with friends didn't give her much pause. But those days are over.
FEA-Harrods-Gender-Neutral-Toys (with art)
Like many parents, Carrie Goldman was thrilled to learn that Britain's biggest department store recently reopened its toy department with a fresh look: dolls and trucks side by side. Instead of organizing toys into color-coded aisles of pink for girls and blue for boys, Harrods' new 26,000 square-foot "Toy Kingdom" is broken into six interactive "worlds." For Goldman, a mother of two in suburban Chicago, it's a step in the right direction toward breaking down the gender divide erected at an early age through playtime.