Threats before, after other 'Dark Knight' showings, authorities said

Story highlights

  • A man in Maine said he wanted to shoot a former employer
  • An Arizona man startled patrons and created "mass hysteria"
  • In California, a man uttered threats and references to the Colorado shooting

Three people who voiced threats during and after showings of the "The Dark Knight Rises" in New England and the West have been arrested, authorities said.

News of these incidents -- occurring in Maine, Arizona and California -- emerged in the aftermath of last week's massacre in suburban Denver. A gunman opened fire at an audience watching the film in an Aurora, Colorado, theater last week, killing 12 people and wounding dozens more.

In Maine, state police stopped Timothy Courtois, 49, of Biddeford, Maine, for speeding on Sunday and found an AK-47 assault weapon, four handguns and several boxes of ammunition in his car. Police also discovered news clippings of the Colorado shooting.

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The man told police he attended the Batman film in Saco, Maine, on Saturday with a loaded gun in his backpack and told authorities he was traveling to Derry, New Hampshire, to shoot a former employer.

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Authorities found ammunition and other firearms, including a machine gun, at Courtois' home. He has been charged with speeding and possessing a concealed weapon.

In Arizona, a man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and threatening and intimidating after creating a commotion at a showing of the film Friday night in Sierra Vista, the Cochise County sheriff's office said on its Facebook page.

    Michael William Borboa, 26, entered the theater "intoxicated" and carrying a large backpack, the office said.

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    Authorities said he acted "strangely" and startled patrons during the film.

    "When one subject confronted Borboa, mass hysteria occurred and 50 plus patrons ran from the the theater," authorities said.

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    Several off-duty Border Patrol agents "tackled" the man and a sheriff's deputy removed him from the theater. Police found an empty alcohol container and a half empty blueberry moonshine bottle in his backpack.

    In Los Angeles County, California, authorities arrested a man at a theater in Norwalk on Sunday. The man, identified as Clark Tabor, uttered threats and made references to the Colorado shooting. He was arrested for making terroristic threats. Authorities found a backpack but did not find a weapon in it. They also went to his home but found nothing there.

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