Dismemberment victim's family recalls his 'love of life'

Jun Lin, a student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, was murdered and dismembered in May.

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  • "Love and trust must be rebuilt," murder victim's family says
  • They thank Montrealers and their son's college for their support
  • The suspect in his grisly slaying awaits extradition from Germany

The family of the man authorities say was dismembered by a Canadian porn actor called for the suspect's quick extradition Tuesday and expressed hope that their "devastating situation" could become something positive.

Jun Lin, a 33-year-old student at Montreal's Concordia University, was killed in late May in one of the city's grisliest crimes in years. The suspect in his killing, Luka Rocco Magnotta, is being held in Germany while Canadian prosecutors seek his return.

"Jun Lin was our beloved son. As the only son in the family, he was our pride and hope," his family said in a written statement issued Tuesday. His killing "is not only a devastating attack to our family, but also has had a tremendous impact on the whole society. Love and trust must be rebuilt."

The family traveled from a village in China last week to reclaim their son's remains -- parts of which had been mailed to the headquarters of Canada's Conservative and Liberal parties and to two schools in Vancouver, on the Pacific coast. Other parts, including his head, are still missing.

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The family thanked the people of Montreal, who stepped up to support their travel; and Concordia, which has set up an award in their son's name to assist Chinese students -- a move the family said "perfectly reflects Jun Lin's compassionate spirit."

"We are very grateful and moved by the kindness and sympathy for us," they said. "It is our wish to take this opportunity to turn a devastating situation into something positive that brings the goodness and peace back to society.

"We are calling for the extradition of the murder suspect back to Canada as soon as possible in order to bring justice and peace to our family, the Chinese community and the whole society," they said. "To commemorate Jun Lin, please let us remember his kindness, diligence and love for life."

    Police say they believe Magnotta killed and dismembered Lin and posted a 10-minute video of the slaying online. Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said the video shows Magnotta engaged in sexual acts involving body parts and included evidence of cannibalism.

    Investigators have said the suspect and victim knew each other, though they have not defined the nature of their relationship.

    The mailings and the discovery of other body parts behind Magnotta's apartment triggered an international manhunt. German authorities nabbed him June 4 in Berlin, where they said he had been spotted browsing online articles about himself at an Internet cafe.

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