Demi Moore finds her new Twitter handle, sheds married moniker

Actress Demi Moore will no longer be connected to her estranged husband via her Twitter handle.

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  • Demi Moore has dropped her @mrskutcher Twitter handle
  • She will now be known as @justdemi
  • Moore split with Ashton Kutcher last November
Demi Moore finally settled on a new Twitter handle, letting go of the @mrskutcher name that she used to grow popular on the social networking site.
After announcing her split from Ashton Kutcher last November, the actress left Twitter for a while. But she recently resurfaced and asked for help in determining a new handle. As of today, Moore decided that her followers will now know her as "justdemi."
"So hard finding a name that was fun somewhat playful and available. So for now it will be @justdemi It could grow on me!" she wrote on her account.
It sounds like Ms. Moore is flexible about her choice — so it could change again. And for a woman who still goes by her first husband's last name, we're surprised she made such a big deal about what she's called on Twitter.
Demi Moore's turmoil
Demi Moore's turmoil


    Demi Moore's turmoil


Demi Moore's turmoil 04:00
Although we are still hoping she'll change her mind and go with @theexmrswillis.