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By the numbers: The Republican race

By Amy Roberts, CNN Library
updated 4:17 PM EDT, Fri May 4, 2012
Rick Santorum's sweater vest became a fundraising tool when he sold the
Rick Santorum's sweater vest became a fundraising tool when he sold the "official" version for a $100 donation.
  • Bachmann, Huntsman and Perry received no delegates
  • Gingrich staffer made more than 60 edits on Wikipedia entry
  • Santorum sold 300,000 sweater vests to raise campaign cash
  • Bachmann mentioned "Obamacare" 10 times in farewell speech

(CNN) -- With Newt Gingrich's withdrawal earlier this week, the Republican presidential race is winding down. Although Ron Paul continues his quest -- all the way to the convention, he says -- Mitt Romney has turned his campaign toward President Barack Obama.

Here's a look at how the GOP campaign broke down by the numbers:

2,286: Total number of GOP available delegates.

1,144: Delegates needed to win the GOP nomination as of April 25, 2012.

3: Candidates who received 0 delegates -- Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Perry.

70%: Presidential campaign ads this season that have been considered "negative," according to a political advertising analysis by the Wesleyan Media Project.

360: Days Newt Gingrich was in the race (May 9, 2011 May 2, 2012).

219: Times Gingrich's wife, Callista, purportedly told him that talking about a moon colony was a terrible idea, Gingrich said while announcing on May 2 that he was suspending his campaign.

60+: Edits made on Gingrich's entry on in February 2012 by his communications director.

310: Days Rick Santorum was in the race (June 6, 2011-April 10, 2012).

$300,000: Amount raised by Santorum campaign by offering the "official" Santorum sweater vest for a $100 contribution.

19,895: Views on YouTube of the "Sleeves Slow Me Down" video, about Santorum's sweater vests.

11: Number of states won by Santorum.

0: Times Santorum mentioned Mitt Romney while announcing on April 10 that he was suspending his campaign.

210: Days Jon Huntsman was in the race (June 21, 2011-January 16, 2012).

1: Number of 2012 GOP presidential candidates who have served in the Obama administration.

197: Days Herman Cain was in the race (May 21, 2011-December 3, 2011).

27: Sum of the points in Cain's "9-9-9" plan.

18: Available toppings on a Godfather's Pizza, to make it the "manliest" pizza possible, according to Cain.

13: Tracks on Cain's 1996 gospel album, "Sunday Morning."

192: Days Michele Bachmann was in the race (June 27, 2011-January 4, 2012).

23: Number of foster children Bachmann and her husband, Marcus Bachmann, have raised. They also have five biological children.

10: Times Bachmann mentions the phrase "Obamacare" in her farewell speech on January 4, 2012.

160: Days Rick Perry was in the race (August 13, 2011-January 19, 2012).

3: Number of agencies Rick Perry said during a debate that he would eliminate, then couldn't remember what the third was.

53: Seconds he paused before he gave up with an "Oops."

84: Days Tim Pawlenty was in the race (May 23, 2011-August 14, 2011).

1: Days that Pawlenty and Perry were both in the race at the same time.

358 and counting: Days since Ron Paul announced his candidacy (May 13, 2011).

∞: Amount of time between now and when Ron Paul will drop out of the race.

187: Number of days Mitt Romney has left to campaign before the election on November 6.

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