Venezuela's Chavez to head back to Cuba for more cancer treatment

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he is in the "home stretch" of his cancer treatment in Cuba.

Story highlights

  • Hugo Chavez says Venezuela should quit an OAS commission on human rights
  • He asks that a newly created council take up the matter
  • Chavez has not specified the type of cancer he has; he has spent 50 days in Cuba this year
  • "We're in the home stretch," the president says about his radiation treatment

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday he will return to Havana to undergo more cancer treatment.

The 57-year-old president has been back and forth several times this year between Venezuela and Cuba, where he is being treated for an unspecified type of cancer. He returned home from his latest trip Thursday.

"We're in the home stretch," the president said about his radiation treatment. He spoke during a ceremony to sign a new labor law, during which he also called for Venezuela to withdraw from the Organization of American States' Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

"Enough already!" he said of the Washington-based body, accusing the United States of using it as a way to harm Venezuela.

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Chavez asked a newly created council to take up the matter.

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The president pulled a cross from his breast pocket, kissed it and clasped it in his fist.

    "I am confident Christ will repeat, or continue, the miracle," he said, his voice cracking with emotion as he wrapped up his address.

    Chavez said he would return to Venezuela within "a few days." Since the beginning of the year, he has spent 50 days in Cuba.

    The Venezuelan government has released few specifics on the president's illness, fueling widespread speculation about his health and political future. Chavez has led Venezuela since 1999 and has pledged to run for re-election in October.