Taliban claim responsibility for Afghanistan suicide attacks

Deadly blasts rock Afghanistan
Deadly blasts rock Afghanistan


    Deadly blasts rock Afghanistan


Deadly blasts rock Afghanistan 01:41

Story highlights

  • The Taliban claim responsibility in a phone message to media
  • Both attacks were on government facilities, authorities say
  • Many of the dead were police officers, officials say
  • Fourteen people were killed in Herat province attack, four in Helmand province

The Taliban claimed responsibility Tuesday for two suicide attacks on government facilities in Afghanistan that killed at least 18 people and wounded 27 others.

Many of the dead were police officers.

The first attack took place outside the police district administrator's office in the Guzara district of western Herat province when three suicide bombers in an SUV tried to enter the compound, according to Saeed Agha Saqib, the provincial police chief.

The bombers detonated their explosives when security forces wouldn't let them through.

The blast killed 14 people, including three police officers, and wounded 22 others, Saqib said.

U.S., Afghanistan reach night raids deal
U.S., Afghanistan reach night raids deal


    U.S., Afghanistan reach night raids deal


U.S., Afghanistan reach night raids deal 03:07

In southern Helmand province, a trio of suicide bombers attacked the office of the police chief of Musa Qala district, according to Dawood Ahmadi, a spokesman for Helmand's governor.

Two of the bombers were able to blow themselves up. The third was killed by police.

That attack killed four police officers and wounded five people, including the police chief, Ahmadi said.

The Taliban said they were responsible for both attacks through a phone message to the media.

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