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    Introduction to Creativity: 101

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Blue School is on The Next List because it’s an institution championing creativity and curiosity by bringing together the best minds to encourage educational reform. In the process it’s celebrating the famous adage “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Blue School’s founders, Matt Goldman, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton are best known for originating the world-renowned, Blue Man Group. They say the motivation to open Blue School came from the dissatisfaction with their own educational environment.


"It's gonna take a level of creative thinking that education maybe hasn't done the best job at in the past," says co-founder Phil Stanton.

“The world is clearly neither sustainable or harmonious at this point, and it’s really going to take us and everyone around today, and the kids… to change our course. Innovation, we believe, is actually something that can be taught,” adds education enthusiast and co-founder Matt Goldman.

Sir Ken Robinson, a widely respected educator and Blue School advisory board member praised the Blue School founders:

“I love them… I loved what they’re attempting with the school. I loved the way they were thinking about it but I took an interest in it because I’m always interested to see schools who are trying to do something different.”

Beyond their impressive efforts with the school, Blue Man Group is gearing up for an exciting new show at the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas. They’re collaborating with puppeteer and designer Michael Curry to create a unique procession complete with multi-legged drum creatures and a dancing musical robot, which they recently tested at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL to uproarious applause.

    Perhaps co-founder Chris Wink sums up Blue Man Group’s essence best:

    “Whether it’s the school, or the new material that we’re putting in Las Vegas -- in every case we’re trying to establish something that explodes with energy… has a playfulness to it… but is also kind of showing that curiosity, that desire to learn and finally, it’s about that connection.”

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