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Editor's Note: Yves Behar is a designer, entrepreneur, founder of the design firm Fuseproject and Chief Creative Officer of the wearable technology company Jawbone.  Behar is one of the most foremost industrial designers in the world.  Mostly known for designing MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child $100 laptop.

By Yves Behar, Special to CNN

CNN’s "Next List" producer Elise Zeiger and three cameramen appeared in my office on the coldest day of the warmest winter in San Francisco’s human memory. The plan was four days of tracking my life, including design brainstorms, riding bicycles on The Embarcadero and even a surf session.


In the morning, I met Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who had just flown from Los Angeles. He was visibly chilly on the banks of San Francisco Bay. We chatted about his recent fire-eating performance, and very quickly a small swarm of Sanjay admirers formed around us. We jumped on the local three-wheeler bikes that my team at Fuseproject recently designed. We did this both to escape the crowd and to get the conversation going. We immediately realized the main advantage of the very stable ride: We could talk, laugh, gesticulate and have an in-depth discussion about design -- all while on the lightweight cargo-style bicycles.

For the tourists walking on The Embarcadero, it was a funny scene. Cameraman Carlos Martinelli filmed from the front basket of the bike while the other two cameras where running along-side us. We later went to Ocean Beach, and on a 39-degree day, two friends and I slipped into our thickest wetsuits. I have never been filmed surfing, and while I am passionate about the riding waves, I am far from the skill level that some native surfers have...it’s a good challenge. The air was so cold that every time I dove under a wave, the 57-degree water felt like a warm bathtub. The waves were very small, but it turned out to be a very fun session. We continued filming at the construction site of Fuseproject’s new offices, at my house with the kids, in the office brainstorming on Herman Miller and Jawbone projects.

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