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    Rock on a ukulele?

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It’s Super Bowl time and that of course means one thing…amazing ads! It's part of the reason we all sit glued to the television even if the game isn't that exciting. And at an estimated $3.5 million for thirty seconds of 2012 Super Bowl airtime it’s really no wonder why ad agencies and production companies up their game while making commercials for the big game. We say bring it! Bring your ads!! And that sentiment reminded us of recent Next Lister Jake Shimabukuro, virtuoso ukulele player whose newest hit single is entitled "Bring Your Adz." In this case “adz” doesn’t refer to advertisements but a Hawaiian tool used for cutting. Here’s how Jake explains it:

"An adz is a small ancient Hawaiian tool used that resembles a small axe.  In rock & roll, players usually refer to their guitars as their axe. ‘I remember hearing people say, “bring your axe to the gig. ” I guess “bring your adz” is the ukulele version of the expression."

Whether it is an expression or not, we know it rocks. And seriously who else could do it? Let’s hope the same can be said for the Super Bowl…and the ads.

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