Architecture that re-imagines the world


    Bjarke Ingels: An architect for his time


Bjarke Ingels: An architect for his time 05:47

It’s easy to see that Bjarke Ingels is creative and passionate about architecture. His designs are amazing and his ideas are breath taking.

Ingels is a “Next Lister” because his vision and his approach to design are changing the way we think about the world as it is.


    Forging new architectural possibilities


Forging new architectural possibilities 05:12

To Ingels, buildings are more than just monuments. They are part of an ever evolving landscape. Each one is a unique challenge with problems to solve but also an opportunity to add value or beauty to lives of the people who will live in them or work in them every day.

    He tackles the challenge with intelligence, intensity, humor and heart. Bjarke Ingels has big ideas about the future of architecture and isn’t afraid to pursue them. But he’s an agent of change because he is challenging us to re-think what architecture can do for society and re-imagine the world as it could be...a little bit more like our dreams.

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