Playing with LEGOs equals dream job for some

Building a future with LEGO bricks
Building a future with LEGO bricks


    Building a future with LEGO bricks


Building a future with LEGO bricks 02:36

Story highlights

  • LEGO contest winner will receive job at new Atlanta Discovery Center
  • Contestants were given a time limit and a theme to create something
  • Winning sculpture depicted Romeo and Juliet on stage

Most adults have a warm spot in their hearts for LEGOs, the colorful interlocking building toys. The iconic name conjures up images of creative creatures and thought-provoking things built by imagination.

On a recent January weekend, LEGO held a job fair of sorts in the form of a contest, a two-day building contest called Brick Factor. The winner was awarded a full-time position of master model builder at the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center due to open in Atlanta in the spring.

There were plenty of LEGO lovers interested. People like Megan Sims.

"Of course it's a dream job," she said. "You get to play with LEGOs and kids all day. Who wouldn't want that job?"

Joshua Bohn, a college student who is a self-proclaimed lifelong LEGO enthusiast, said that among LEGO lovers this job is coveted among all others.

Imaginations go wild at LEGO convention
Imaginations go wild at LEGO convention


    Imaginations go wild at LEGO convention


Imaginations go wild at LEGO convention 01:53

The master model builder for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas agrees.

"It's an important job" said Cal Walsh. "The job is responsible for all the LEGO bricks in the Discovery Center".

Walsh also got his job by winning a contest. He said working for the company is like getting paid to play.

The Atlanta contestants were narrowed down on the first day by several rounds of tasks, or builds. In the first, competitors built an animal in 45 minutes. This gave birth to lions, ducks, fish and alligators. There were even some angry birds.

Build two was a little more complex; the contestants were charged with building an Atlanta icon. Entries included Ray Charles singing, the immensely popular Peachtree road race and the Fox Theatre, a well-known Midtown entertainment venue.

Twelve contestants were selected for the finals, in which they created a model that best described them. They had one hour.

Zack Cole, an architecture student, knew immediately he would build a guitar, but he wasn't the only one. "I know someone else is making a guitar, I guess ill have to make mine better."

Sims, a mother of two and the only woman left, chose to build Wonder Woman.

"As a mom, sometimes I feel I need to be a superhero to get things done."

Bohn's homage to theater, a stage scene depicting Romeo and Juliet, was selected the winner.

"I feel like I was when I was 3 or 4, when I got my first LEGO set," Bohn said.