Police now say California woman pinched, didn't bite, children

Story highlights

  • Polly Beltramo, 46, was arrested Thursday after being accused of biting two kids
  • On Friday, a spokeswoman says police now don't think she bit the two children
  • The woman is now thought to have pinched both kids' cheeks, she says
Police in northern California said Friday that they now believe a woman arrested on suspicion of biting two children actually pinched them.
Polly Beltramo, 46, of Palo Alto was arrested Thursday after being accused of biting a 2-year-old girl and a baby boy on the cheek at BookBuyers in Mountain View, police said.
Yet after more investigation, Mountain View Police Department spokeswoman Liz Wylie said Friday, "We (no) longer believe the two children were bitten by the suspect."
She explained by e-mail that the children's injuries "are not consistent with being bit" and that the only other person who saw what happened was the toddler, "so we don't have any credible witnesses."
"The investigation leads us to believe the suspect pinched both kids' cheeks," Wylie said.
Beltramo allegedly touched the girl while in the children's section of the store, witnesses said.
Bookstore owner Rammurti Reed said he heard the girl screaming and saw a red welt on her cheek.
"Suddenly a little boy, who was just a couple of months old, started screaming," Reed told CNN affiliate KGO-TV. "I went to him, and his cheek was bleeding."
Beltramo allegedly fled the store and was found at a nearby coffee shop, police said.
She was arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse, police said.