Explosion kills 14 paramilitary soldiers in Pakistan

Story highlights

  • Two military vehicles are destroyed in the explosion in southwest Pakistan
  • Gunfire between attackers and surviving paramilitary forces followed the blast
  • The area where the explosion occurred is a hotbed of Islamic militancy and separatism
An explosion killed 14 paramilitary soldiers in southwest Pakistan on Wednesday, two paramilitary officials told CNN.
The officials, who spoke on condition of not being identified because they were unauthorized to talk to the news media, said a remote-control explosion targeted a convoy carrying paramilitary soldiers who were clearing land mines near Buleda in Balochistan province.
Two vehicles of the paramilitary soldiers were destroyed in the blast, the officials said.
Gunfire between armed attackers hiding in nearby mountains and surviving paramilitary soldiers followed the explosion, the officials said.
The attack occurred near the Iranian border, in a remote and impoverished region known as a hotbed of Islamic militancy and separatism.