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Over the past few weeks CNN's new show The Next List has profiled innovators, visionaries and agents of change. They’re not household names just yet, but they’re movers and shakers in their own world. We’re introducing them to you because these individuals are steadily mapping the course to the future with their new ideas. Like our "Next Listers," we aim to be as innovative, visionary and passionate about telling you their stories. Here are some clips from a special episode of The Next List devoted to defining our idea of "agents of change": _00020615 _00020615


    Innovators you want to know


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1. Marco Tempest is no ordinary magician and in fact doesn’t even use the word “magician”. Instead he refers to himself as a “cyber-illusionist” combining videos, computer graphics and other technology of the moment with the ideas of old-world magic.

    2. Christopher Brosius, a former NYC cab driver turned award-winning Perfumer, Entrepreneur and founder of CB I hate Perfume. He’s also a rebel. Unlike most perfumers, Brosius is self taught. The perfumes he creates are different, and he likes it that way because he is not a fan of creating scents that simply make everyone smell the same.

    3. Molecular Gastronomer Homaro Cantu is obsessed with experimenting. Food, flavors, design, kitchen appliances - everything gets worked and re-worked in his mind, in his restaurant and in his laboratory. But for as much time as Cantu spends experimenting he reserves plenty of time and resources trying to find solutions to end world hunger - a passion inspired in Cantu after living homeless with his mother and sister for three years when he was just 6 years old.

    4. Social Roboticist Heather Knight is a professor at the Carnegie Mellon. She is working to make robots more a part of our lives, by teaching them social skills.

    5. Tristan Eaton, the former street tagging juvenile delinquent is now one of the hottest cutting edge artist in the country. He designs toys, has a permanent collection at the MOMA in NYC and is developing art for the masses.

    6. Scott Snibbe is a media artist, filmmaker, computer app developer and researcher in interactivity. Snibbe’s artwork is on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art and The Museum of Modern Art. Some of his large-scale interactive projects have been incorporated into concert tours, Olympics, science museums, airports, and other major public spaces and events. He says we've only scratched the surface of what apps can do for us and that gaming is only the beginning.

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