2012 Olympic synchronized swimming tickets oversold

A synchronized swimming team performs during a ceremony in July at the newly-built Aquatic Center in London's Olympic Park.

Story highlights

  • The error affects four synchronized swimming events
  • About 3,000 customers were told of the error
  • The Olympics are scheduled to open July 27

London 2012 Olympic organizers said Wednesday they oversold thousands of tickets for the synchronized swimming events at this summer's Games.

The committee said it discovered the error while comparing final seating configurations at Olympic and Paralympic venues against the millions of ticket orders placed. They found that four synchronized swimming sessions were oversold.

Organizers last month contacted around 3,000 customers who had applied for tickets to the four sessions and told them of the error.

"We are exchanging their synchronized swimming tickets for tickets in other sports that they originally applied for," a London 2012 spokesman said in a statement.

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It was not immediately clear whether the committee discovered oversold tickets in other events.

The newly-built Aquatics Center, with its giant wave-like roof, is located at the Olympic Park and will play host to synchronized swimming and other water sports, including swimming and diving. The majority of spectators for those events will be seated in two temporary wings that will be taken down after the Games, the committee said.

The London Olympics are scheduled to take place July 27 through August 12. The Paralympics go from August 29 to September 9.