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A Qatari investor follows stock market activity at the Doha Securities Market
A Qatari investor follows stock market activity at the Doha Securities Market
  • MME analyzes Middle East stock market reaction to global financial volatility
  • Robert Jordan talks about the future of Syria's relationship with the Arab world Libya
  • MME investigates the impact of the ongoing international blockade on residents of Tripoli

(CNN) -- IN FOCUS -- Market mayhem

Stock markets in the Middle East were subjected volatile external pressures this week in the shape of the U.S. credit downgrade, Europe's ongoing debt crisis and new fears of a global recession. MME examines the economic reaction across the region.

FACE TIME -- Robert Jordan, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia

After months of silence, Arab leaders this week condemned the ongoing violence in Syria. The ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait were all recalled by their governments, while the Arab League issued a statement demanding a halt to all acts of aggression against civilians. MME speaks to the Robert Jordan, a former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, about future relations between Syria and the Gulf States.

IN FOCUS -- Tripoli under siege

From breadlines to fuel shortages, an international blockade of airports and seaports is complicating life for ordinary Libyans. MME investigates how the continuing embargo is taking its toll on residents of the country's capital, Tripoli.

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