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Car bomb targets Iraqi military, killing one soldier

From Fattah Mahmood Fattah and Muhaimen Najm, CNN
  • June is the deadliest month this year for Iraqis, police say
  • Eleven people are injured in the car bombing
  • Al Qaeda in Iraq militants maintain a strong presence in the north

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- A car bomb targeting an Iraqi military patrol on Saturday killed a soldier and wounded 11 other people, a local official said.

The incident occurred in a Sunni neighborhood in the northern city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

It took place during an uptick of violence in Iraq, where the 47,000 U.S. troops stationed there are scheduled to leave the country at year's end

Fourteen U.S. soldiers have been killed in hostilities in June, the highest in three years.

Police in Baghdad said June was the deadliest month this year for Iraqis. Police said 155 civilians, 39 soldiers, 77 police, and 25 militants were killed.

Along with the slain soldier, eight civilians and three soldiers were wounded, said Salah ad-Dein Thennoon, the director general of Nineveh's health office.

Al Qaeda in Iraq -- the Sunni militant group -- maintains a strong presence in the region, but it is not known who launched the attack. There also have been tensions between Kurds and Arabs in the north.

Elsewhere, police are investigating the shooting deaths of four relatives in Diyala province, which stretches north and east of Baghdad. It is not known whether the motives involve warfare, sectarian hatreds or domestic issues.