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Suicide blasts target governor's house in central Iraq

From Fattah Mahmood Fattah, For CNN
  • NEW: A string of attacks also rocks Baghdad
  • Three civilians die in a roadside bomb in Babil province
  • Diwaniya provincial governor is not hurt in suicide attacks on his house
  • Attacks on governor's home kill at least 22 people, wound 23 others

Baghdad (CNN) -- Twin suicide attacks Tuesday on the home of the governor of central Iraq's Diwaniya province killed at least 22 people and wounded 23 others, officials said.

The bomb blasts claimed the lives of both police officers and civilians, said Karim Esghayir, a member of the province's security committee. The governor, who was in the house, was not hurt.

In an unrelated blast, also in central Iraq, three civilians were killed and eight police officers were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a restaurant in Babil province.

Pockets of violence sparked attacks in other areas of Iraq on Tuesday.

In Baghdad, a string of blasts echoed through the sky.

A roadside bomb exploded in the eastern part of the capital on an Iraqi military convoy, killing one Iraqi soldier and wounding five others, according to an Iraqi police official.

In eastern Baghdad, five mortar shells hit an area behind the Ministry of Interior's General Security Office in al-Baladiyat district, wounding three civilians. Two shells landed on the grounds of an American base behind the Ministry of Interior office.

On the western outskirts of Baghdad, one civilian was killed and two others injured when a bomb attached to a car detonated near the Baghdad International Fair in Al-Mansour district, Iraqi officials said.

Journalist Muhainen Najm also contributed to this report.