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Gunmen kill defense official, 3 soldiers in Baghdad

By Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • The soldiers were killed in two attacks on checkpoints
  • The defense official was shot dead near his home
  • Roadside bombs wounded six people
  • May was a deadly month for Iraqi security forces
  • Baghdad
  • Iraq War
  • Iraq

Baghdad (CNN) -- Gunmen have attacked two checkpoints in Baghdad, killing three Iraqi soldiers, Interior Ministry officials said Wednesday.

In a separate incident, gunmen used pistols with silencers and opened fire on a Defense Ministry official, Gen. Ali Kadhim, near his house in northeastern Baghdad.

In the al-Dora area, two roadside bombs exploded in separate locations and wounded six people Wednesday morning, Interior Ministry officials said.

At a checkpoint in the al-Jamia neighborhood in western Baghdad, attackers used small arms fire and killed two soldiers Tuesday night. A third soldier was killed Wednesday in an attack on a checkpoint in the al-Shulaa neighborhood in northwestern Baghdad.

May proved deadly for Iraqi forces -- 75 were killed in violence, including 45 police and 30 soldiers, according to numbers released by the Interior Ministry Wednesday. Another 151 Iraqi security forces, including 66 police and 85 soldiers, were wounded.

Overall, violence in Iraq has plunged since the peak of the sectarian violence between 2005 and 2007, but shootings, bombings and assassinations are still common.