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Grandfather, mother convicted in death of 4-year-old found in suitcase

By the CNN Wire Staff
Roni Ron (pictured in 2008) said he "finished" his granddaughter and threw the suitcase into the river.
Roni Ron (pictured in 2008) said he "finished" his granddaughter and threw the suitcase into the river.
  • The girl's grandfather and mother are convicted in her murder
  • The story involved a twisted family love triangle
  • The grandfather said he "finished" the girl
  • Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) -- The grandfather of a little girl whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase in an Israeli river was convicted of first degree murder Thursday -- and her mother was convicted of soliciting the murder.

Roni Ron and Marie-Charlotte Renault-Pizem will be sentenced later this month.

The killing of 4-year-old Rose Pizem shocked people throughout Israel. In September 2008, her body was found in a suitcase in the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv, where authorities said it had been for weeks.

Ron admitted killing his granddaughter. Police transcripts quote him as saying he "finished her" and threw the suitcase into the river.

The killing also brought to light a twisted family love triangle. Renault-Pizem and Ron -- who was once her father-in-law -- have two daughters together.

Renault-Pizem, from France, married Ron's son, Benjamin Pizem, and the couple had a daughter, Rose. When the marriage ended, the couple had a custody battle over Rose and Renault-Pizem moved to Israel with the little girl. Renault-Pizem had fallen in love with Ron, her father-in-law, and began a relationship with him.

Renault-Pizem and Rose were living with Vivienne Yaakov, the little girl's great-grandmother. Yaakov reported the girl missing in July 2008, saying she had not seen Rose for about two months.

Renault-Pizem denied any role in her daughter's disappearance. She told police she thought Ron sent Rose to an institution in France. But police, without elaborating, said they had a telephone conversation that shows she knew the child's fate.

CNN's Michal Zippori contributed to this report.