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Army general killed, 14 wounded in Iraqi violence

From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • NEW: Seven people are wounded in a roadside bombing
  • Four people are wounded when a bomb explodes outside a church
  • Three others are wounded in a roadside bombing in a commercial area

Baghdad (CNN) -- An Iraqi army general was killed Sunday when a bomb attached to his car exploded while he was driving in western Baghdad, officials with the nation's interior ministry said.

Gen. Abdulghani Mohammed died in the incident in the al-Jamia neighborhood Sunday morning, ministry officials said.

Elsewhere, four people, including two police officers, were wounded Sunday afternoon when a roadside bomb exploded at a police checkpoint outside the Sacred Heart Church in central Baghdad's Karrada district, interior ministry officials said.

The checkpoint was set up to provide security for the church and its congregation on Easter, the officials said. Iraqi forces have tightened security measures at churches around the country in the wake of an October 31 siege on Our Lady of Salvation Church, in which 51 worshippers and two priests were killed.

Three other civilians were wounded in eastern Baghdad when a roadside bomb exploded in a commercial area, ministry officials said.

And seven others were wounded Sunday night when a roadside bomb struck an Iraqi army patrol in northeastern Baghdad, according to the ministry.