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Bahrain responds to CNN report

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Bahrain protestors fear hospital visits

Bahrain's ambassador to the United States responds to CNN report.

-- For decades, Bahrain has offered the highest quality medical care for all of its residents. We are proud of our strong health care system and look forward to providing excellent care in the future. We are dismayed that CNN is continuing to broadcast over dramatized and irresponsible reporting regarding the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In the report today, the correspondent misconstrued the facts associated with the administration of The Salmaniya Medical Complex.

During the recent unrest, The Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama was taken over by violent opposition forces that used the facility as a command center and refused to treat patients of certain religious sects and ethnic backgrounds. In order to provide health care services for all Bahraini citizens and foreign nationals, the Bahraini security forces took control of the hospital and reopened it for business.

Since then, as order and peace have been restored to Bahrain, the hospital has returned to its tradition of quality medical service for all Bahrainis.

Ambassador Houda Nonoo

Embassy of Bahrain to the United States