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Pro-government supporters attend rally in Iran

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Fight over Iran protest deaths
  • The protesters called for the execution of two opposition leaders
  • State television showed crowds chanting "Death to America"
  • Government opponents marched in Iran on Monday

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(CNN) -- Thousands of people who attended a pro-government rally in Tehran on Friday condemned opposition leaders and called for their execution, a witness said.

The protesters in Revolution Square chanted "Death to Karrubi" and "Death to Moussavi" -- references to prominent opposition leaders Mehdi Karrubi and Mir Hossein Moussavi.

State television also showed crowds chanting "Death to America."

It also showed some demonstrators holding up the picture of 26-year-old Sana Jaleh, who was shot and killed during protests in Iran on Monday.

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Iranian authorities say he was a regime loyalist and member of the pro-government militia group -- the Basij -- who was shot by protesters. The opposition movement refutes the government's claims and says Jaleh was a pro-democracy activist. They say the government is attempting to hijack his death for propaganda.

Thousands of government opponents marched in Tehran on Monday. Government opponents and supporters also turned out Wednesday for Jaleh's funeral.

Iranian authorities rounded up many government opponents last week amid calls for protests in Iran like those that have swept across North Africa and the Middle East.