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Anti- and pro-government protesters clash again in Yemen

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Egypt's domino effect
  • A witness says anti-government march is attacked
  • The group was attacked with sticks and rocks, witness says
  • Yemen

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Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) -- Pro- and anti-government protesters clashed in Yemen's capital city Tuesday, with scuffles breaking out for at least the fifth day in the row, a witness said.

A group of anti-government protesters marched towards the center of Sanaa Tuesday afternoon and were attacked by pro-government supporters, said Abdul Rahman Barman a human rights activist who marched in the anti-government demonstration.

The group was attacked with sticks and rocks, Barman said.

"What happened today is a repetition of what happens everyday and (what) students face. This is against the Yemeni constitution, and people have the right to peacefully protest," Barman said.

Echoes of Egypt's revolution continue to resonate across the region, with anti-government protests in Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain and Iran on Monday.