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14 killed, 43 wounded in attacks around Iraq

From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • NEW: 9 killed, 23 hurt in suicide bombing in Ramadi, a spokesman says
  • NEW: January was the deadliest month since last fall, according to government data
  • Four were killed and 15 wounded in roadside bomb attacks earlier in Baghdad
  • An employee of a state-owned bank is assassinated

Baghdad (CNN) -- Days after the close of a particularly deadly January, Iraq was shaken again Thursday by attacks that left 14 dead and 43 wounded around the Middle Eastern nation.

The worst incident -- a suicide bombing that killed nine and hurt 23 -- occurred Thursday night in Ramadi, in central Iraq about 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Baghdad, a provincial governor's spokesman said.

A group of security forces and civilians had been drawn to a parking lot around 7 p.m. after a bomb exploded in a parked car, Anbar governor's media adviser Mohammed Fathi said. Minutes later, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowd, he said.

Thursday morning, a roadside bomb exploded on a busy commercial street in the New Baghdad district in southeastern Baghdad, killing two people and wounding three.

In a separate incident, Anwar Abdulhameed, an employee at the state-owned al-Rafidain Bank, was assassinated by gunmen in western Baghdad's al-Ghazaliya neighborhood, police said. The gunmen used pistols equipped with silencers to kill Abdulhameed, who was heading from home to work on Thursday morning.

And in the city's northern Waziriya neighborhood, another roadside bomb blew up on a busy street near a joint patrol of Iraqi army and police. Two people were killed in that attack and 12 were wounded, including two police officers and two army officers.

In eastern Baghdad's al-Mashtal neighborhood, a roadside bomb exploded near an Iraqi police patrol, wounding two police officers, authorities said.

Outside of Baghdad, three police officers were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest near an Iraqi police patrol in the al-Hawaish area, about seven kilometers (four miles) south of Samarra, authorities said. Samarra is about 100 kilometers north of Baghdad.

The violence followed a January in which 159 civilians, 55 police and 45 soldiers were killed in attacks around the country, according to figures compiled by Iraq's Defense, Interior and Health ministries. The same data shows that at least 363 people were wounded in January, among them 178 civilians, 95 police and 90 soldiers.

The month's death toll was higher than any of the previous three months, according to government data.