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In search of the real Dubai

By Emily Smith for CNN
  • Photographer Ali Alsumayin has found what he says is Dubai's true identity
  • The old port attracts wooden ships from Iran which pick up supplies for trade
  • Alsumayin wanted the photographs to reflect what he sees
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  • Dubai
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(CNN) -- Away from the skyscrapers and the constant hum of city workers jostling in the streets is a part of Dubai the world rarely gets to see. Photographer Ali Alsumayin went in search for the real Dubai and found what he says is its true identity.

Saudi-born Alsumayin came to the city three years ago where he works as a graphic designer.

Dubai's old port is no longer the main shipping hub, but Alsumayin says it still attracts dozens of wooden ships from Iran that stop in Dubai to pick up supplies like food and electronic goods to trade in Iran.

He says tall buildings and modern architecture can be seen throughout the world. "What distinguishes Dubai, is the old Dubai," he says.

Alsumayin used a 50 millimeter lens to capture the images because he says it's the closest lens to the human eye and he wanted the photographs to reflect what he sees.