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Flood victims stranded in Pakistan

By Shaan Ali Khan, For CNN
  • Authorities find 36 bodies
  • The search for others is hampered because roads in the area are inaccessible
  • The flooding hit a valley in mountainous area of Kohistan
  • Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Floods in northwest Pakistan have claimed more than 30 lives, as a riverbank overflowed during recent heavy rains, police said.

The flooding came after a heavy downpour Wednesday and waters surged into a valley inhabited by shepherds and farmers in Kohistan, a mountainous region bordering Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Houses and roads leading to the area have been completely wiped out, as the flood destroyed everything in its path, District Police Official Mohammad Ilyas Khan told CNN.

The bodies of 36 people have been found and more are feared dead while local residents and police struggle to conduct search operations.

The area has become completely inaccessible, while the injured helplessly wait for assistance from the provincial government.