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3 siblings caught after chase face dozens of charges in Colorado

By the CNN Wire Staff
Ryan Edward Dougherty faces 24 charges.
Ryan Edward Dougherty faces 24 charges.
  • A sister and two brothers face 29, 24 and 23 charges respectively in a Colorado court
  • They are also charged in another Colorado county and are wanted in Florida and Georgia
  • Police say they shot at officers with an AK-47 during a high-speed chase this month

(CNN) -- Three siblings caught after allegedly firing at Colorado police during a high-speed chase appeared in court Monday, facing a ballooning list of charges against them.

Lee Grace Dougherty faces 29 charges, while her brothers Dylan Stanley Dougherty and Ryan Edward Dougherty face 23 and 24 charges respectively, according to complaints filed Monday in Huerfano County District Court in Walsenberg.

That includes five counts of attempted second-degree murder for 29-year-old Lee Grace Dougherty, for allegedly threatening five police officers with a gun on August 10. She also faces eight first-degree assault charges and one count of aggravated motor vehicle theft, among others.

Her brothers face a similar laundry list of charges. Both Ryan, 21, and Dylan, 26, for instance, are charged with five counts of attempted second-degree murder and five of first-degree assault, among others.

Following their court appearance Monday, the trio's next scheduled appearance is by "telephone setting" on Wednesday at 1:15 p.m., according to the Colorado court's website.

Besides charges in Huerfano County, in southern Colorado, the trio also have been indicted in Pueblo County. There, Dylan Dougherty has been charged with attempted murder, while his siblings are each charged with assault. They are also accused of crimes in Florida and Georgia.

Police arrested the three after they crashed their car along a rural Colorado highway. Police say they were shooting at officers with an AK-47 during a chase at speeds up to 120 mph.

According to investigators' affidavits, Ryan Dougherty was driving Wednesday as Dylan Dougherty fired an AK-47 at pursuing officers.

"We weren't trying to hurt anyone; we just wanted them to get back," Lee Dougherty told investigators after her arrest, according to one affidavit. "They were way back, and we could barely see them. We were getting shot at, then we wrecked."

Lee Dougherty said she pointed a gun at Walsenburg Police Chief James Chamberlain, according to the affidavit. But Chamberlain fired first, wounding her in the leg.

The trio is wanted in armed bank robbery in Georgia and the attempted murder of a Florida police officer on August 2.

They escaped from Florida with police in pursuit after they shot out a cruiser's tire, according to authorities.

Colorado authorities said the siblings spent the night before their capture in the San Isabel National Forest, about 10 to 12 miles west of Colorado City.

Earlier this month, in Huerfano County, bond was set for the three siblings at $1.5 million each. And in Pueblo County, Dylan Dougherty has $1 million bail, while his siblings have been ordered held on $250,000 each.