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Official: Pakistani soldier sentenced to death in videotaped killing

By Nasir Habib, CNN
The June killing of 17-year-old Sarfraz Shah was caught on video and caused unprecedented anger after it was broadcast widely in Pakistan.
The June killing of 17-year-old Sarfraz Shah was caught on video and caused unprecedented anger after it was broadcast widely in Pakistan.
  • Six soldiers and one civilian are convicted in the shooting death of Sarfraz Shah
  • One man is sentenced to death, six others to life in prison, prosecutor says
  • Those convicted are also ordered to pay restitution to the teen's family
  • The sentences still must be confirmed by Pakistan's higher court, prosecutor says

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A member of Pakistan's paramilitary Sindh Rangers has been sentenced to death in the killing of an unarmed teenager whose fatal shooting was caught on video, a prosecutor told CNN.

Five other soldiers, also members of the Sindh Rangers, and a civilian were given life sentences for their roles in the June killing of 17-year-old Sarfraz Shah, Muhammed Khan Buriro, a special public prosecutor with the Anti-Terrorism Court, said Friday.

The sentences of the seven men still must be confirmed by the Pakistan's higher court, Buriro said. All seven also were ordered to restitution, ranging from $1,162 to $2,325 each to Shah's family, he said.

The case prompted a public outcry after a chilling video captured by a local television cameraman showed Shah pleading for his life before being shot twice in a park in Karachi.

Pakistan security kills man on camera

In the video, which was broadcast across Pakistan's networks, Shah cries "I am helpless" and "please do not fire."

After being shot twice, Shah then begs to be taken to a hospital before bleeding to death.

The shooting death was the latest in a series of human rights incidents that has deeply eroded public confidence in security agencies.

Pakistan's Supreme Court ordered transfers for the heads of the Sindh Rangers and the provincial police force after the shooting.

Pakistan's Supreme Court also ordered the six soldiers and the civilian to be tried before the country's Anti-Terrorism Court,, a special court where hearings are expedited and decisions come more quickly than in the regular court system.

Authorities, at the time of the shooting, said Shah tried to rob people at a park named in honor of slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. They said Shah had pointed a pistol and wanted to steal cash and cell phones.

Authorities said he was handed over to park security and then to the Rangers.

Shah apparently tried to snatch the Rangers' guns, authorities said at the time. That's when the soldiers opened fire.

The video shows Shah reaching for their weapons before backing away.

Shah's family has repeatedly said he was innocent.