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Where in the world ... ?

By Kyle Almond, CNN
  • Do you know where this photo was taken?
  • CNN will post a new photo each Monday morning and reveal the answer later that day
  • The photo might be related to a recent story -- or it could just be something unusual we found

(CNN) -- [Updated 3 p.m. ET Monday, August 8] The photo above was taken in Tel Aviv, Israel, where thousands of people marched in the streets this weekend to protest the rising cost of living.

The protests prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to create a financial team to focus on the issue.

"We cannot and we shouldn't ignore the voices coming out of the public," Netanyahu said Sunday at the opening of his weekly Cabinet meeting. "We want to give real solutions, and we will do so."

The group will examine reducing taxes, improving access to social services and increasing market competitiveness, Netanyahu said.

For our CNN photo challenge, credit goes to "nezo" for being the first to correctly answer Tel Aviv. "Ruthaa," "connocam" and "Antom" were close behind.

[Original post] Do you know where this photo was taken?

If you think you know the answer -- or if you just want to take a wild guess -- post it in the comments area below. Later in the day, we'll reveal where the photo was taken and give credit to those who figured it out first. (The more detail, the better!)

Each Monday morning, we'll post a new photo and challenge you to tell us its origin. The photo might be related to a prominent news story or theme -- or it might just be something that caught our eye.

Good luck!

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CNN's Guy Azriel contributed to this report.