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The Latest Headlines from CNN Radio and the CNN Wire

By Jim Ribble, CNN

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky's accusers will tell their stories in court today. He's accused of multiple counts of sexual molestation of boys. This preliminary hearing is being held to determine whether the prosecution has enough evidence to go to trial.


Two Army helicopters crashed last night in Washington State during training exercises. Four people were killed. The crash involved two Kiowa observation choppers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his scientists can analyze and learn the systems of a U.S. drone aircraft that crashed in Iran recently. President Obama has asked for its return. But Ahmadinejad seems to suggest that's not going to happen.


Occupy protesters shut down the port of Oakland, California overnight. On a normal night, several hundred people would be working that shift. The executive director of the port and Oakland's mayor ask what the Occupy protesters think they're accomplishing. The officials say this just disrupts the 99% which the protesters purport to represent.


The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund says the number of police officers killed this year in the line of duty is up nearly 14% from last year. 166 officers have died this year so far compared to last year's 146. The organization blames the increase partly on budget cuts nationwide.