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The Latest Headlines from CNN Radio and the CNN Wire

By Jim Ribble, CNN

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno is out. He won't be allowed to retire at the end of the season as he planned. The university trustees voted to remove him immediately for not doing more to stop the alleged child sexual abuse by an assistant coach. The university president also was forced out.


News of Paterno's ouster sent hundreds of people into the streets around the university. Raucous crowds tipped over a news van and yelled insults at the media.


By his own admission, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry "stepped in it" last night. He stumbled badly in the candidates' debate when he couldn't remember the name of the third federal agency he would eliminate if elected president.


It appears that yesterday's first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System was a bust at some locations. Some TV and radio stations did not air the planned test at all. Others left the signal on too long. But an FCC official says the whole point of the test is to work out the kinks. The purpose of the system is to allow the president to speak to the American people during a national emergency.


Boxing champ Joe Frazier's family says his body will be put on view at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia tomorrow and Saturday. His funeral service will be Monday morning. Frazier died this week of liver cancer.