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Countries and companies continue to get citizens out of Libya

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- Governments and companies around the world are trying to get their citizens out of volatile Libya. Here is the latest country-by-country breakdown:


About 100,000 people have fled the violence in Libya in the past week to Tunisia and Egypt, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

"People stood in the queue for six hours with no food, water or access to sanitation," Red Crescent spokesman Joe Lowry told CNN Sunday. "It was very worrying to see women passing their babies in cots over the crowd to keep them from harm."

Meanwhile in Egypt, the authorities told UNHCR that 55,000 people had crossed the border since February 19: 46,000 Egyptians, 2,100 Libyans and 6,900, mainly from Asian countries.


Some 499 Nigerians arrived in Abuja Sunday on a specially chartered jumbo jet, the National Emergency Management Agency announced. About 2,000 Nigerians remain in Libya, the agency said.


Two chartered Greek liners carrying more than 3,000 stranded Chinese citizens have left the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi and were on their way to the Greek island of Crete, China's state-run Xinhua news agency said Sunday.

Two more rescue ships, chartered by the Chinese Embassy in Malta, will arrive in Libya later to evacuate another 3,000 citizens, Xinhua said.

As of Saturday afternoon, almost 16,000 Chinese citizens have been evacuated from Libya, the news agency said.

China said it will use 15 planes daily for the next two days to fly the evacuated citizens from Crete to Beijing. One such plane, carrying 328 Chinese, will arrive in Beijing Sunday, Xinhua said.


More than 530 Indian nationals have arrived home safely from Tripoli in two Air India flights, the second of which landed in the wee hours of the morning Sunday, authorities said.

The evacuees, many of them women and children, were in good health and cheer, India's ministry of external affairs said.

On Saturday, 88 Indian citizens crossed by road from Libya to Tunisia. Another 170 are likely to reach Tunisia through the cross-border point Ras Jedir on Sunday, the ministry said.

The government has chartered a 1,600-capacity passenger ship that is berthed in Sicily, Italy. It will set sail for Libya as soon as port preparations are completed.


The evacuation of some 7,000 Bangladeshis is expected to be completed by Monday, the foreign ministry said. The Chinese employer of the Bangladeshi workers arranged for their passage to Greece, Foreign Secretary Mijarul Quayes told reporters.

Another 300 Bangladeshis are at a Red Cross camp near Libya's border with Tunisia, and 200 are at the Bangladesh embassy in Tripoli, he said.

Bangladesh does not yet have a "wholesale evacuation" plan but "we will go for massive evacuation of our nationals if the situation warrants," Quayes was quoted as saying by the national news agency BSS.


A French Air Force flight left Libya Saturday carrying 122 people, including 28 French citizens and 94 foreigners, according to the French Foreign Ministry. Among the passengers were all embassy personnel, including the French ambassador. France has evacuated 654 people from Libya so far this week, the ministry said.


All three Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft are now in Malta, after successfully evacuating 150 more civilians from Libya, according to a press officer for the British Ministry of Defence. One of the craft was damaged by small arms fire while trying to land at an airstrip, but was able to continue on its mission, the officer said.

Civilians of multiple nationalities were picked up from locations in the eastern Libyan desert, according to a statement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The FCO said in a previous statement that 150 people had already been evacuated from "areas south of Benghazi."

The latest Travel Summary on the FCO's webpage offers passage out of Libya on transport organized by other governments for Britons who remain, but also says that most of U.K. nationals who want to leave the country have already done so.

The HMS Cumberland is en route to Malta after making a second visit to the port of Benghazi, according to Minister of Defence Liam Fox. About 200 civilians from several countries are on board, including 50 British nationals. The same frigate carried 207 evacuees from Benghazi to Malta early Saturday.

The Royal Navy destroyer HMS York remains in Malta after arriving earlier Sunday, Fox said, adding that it will remain in the region to assist as necessary.

The Foreign Office said it has helped about 600 British nationals leave Libya. It has taken more than 1,100 calls since Friday afternoon from British nationals wanting to leave Libya as well from their families and colleagues in Britain.


Two Turkish boats are expected to arrive in Tripoli at 9 a.m. Monday, according to the latest Travel Summary on the British Foreign Office's web page.

Turkey said evacuations will continue with 12 daily trips aboard Turkish Airlines and military planes. On Saturday, two Turkish naval ships left Benghazi with 1,738 passengers on board. They included 1,221 from Turkey and 517 from other countries.

Tekfen, a Turkish company with personnel at a project in Libya, said Turkey's foreign ministry crisis center was sending three ships toward Libya and is adding a fourth to go to Benghazi to pick up Tekfen workers.


A U.S.-chartered aircraft carrying American and other nations' citizens left Libya and landed Friday night in Istanbul, Turkey. A U.S.-chartered ferry carrying about 338 passengers, including 183 Americans, also arrived Friday evening in Malta. Bad weather had delayed its departure from Tripoli.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said about 200 Canadians have been flown or put on ships out of Libya.


Libya refused to let a Middle East Airlines plane land to pick up stranded Lebanese nationals, the official Lebanese news agency said Friday.

Two days earlier, Lebanon refused landing rights to a Libyan plane that was "said to be carrying members of (Libyan leader Moammar) Gadhafi's family," said Ali Hamdan, foreign relations adviser to Lebanon's parliamentary speaker, Nabih Berri.


The Dutch government said a military plane and a Dutch frigate would help evacuate its nationals in Libya.


The Germany Foreign Ministry said that on Saturday two cargo planes evacuated 132 people from Libya, dozens of them EU citizens.

CNN's Diana Magnay, Tim Lister, Jill Dougherty, Carol Jordan, Talia Kayali, Michael Zippori, Jonathan Wald, Alan Silverleib, Adam Levine, Sara Sidner and journalists Ian Lee and Yesim Comert contributed to this report

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