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Ministry: Libyan rioters storm S. Korean construction site

From Jiyeon Lee, CNN
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Libya timeline of protests
  • About 500 rioters storm the site near Tripoli, the ministry says
  • Ministry: Two are seriously hurt after they are stabbed; 15 others are also hurt
  • The S. Korean government says it has put in place an evacuation plan
  • Libya

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- Hundreds of Libyans stormed a South Korean-operated construction site near the Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday, wounding 17 and causing a stand-off between police and rioters, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said.

About 500 rioters raided the site 30 kilometers (18 miles) from Tripoli, the ministry said.

Of the 1,600 workers at the site, two Bangladeshi workers suffered serious wounds after they were stabbed and 15 other employees were hurt, the ministry said.

The foreign ministry said it will dispatch an emergency team to the site as soon as possible. The government has put in place an emergency evacuation plan for South Koreans to take shelter at designated locations if violence continues to break out across the country.