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Obama, Bush to be at 9/11 anniversary ceremony, N.Y. mayor says

By Leigh Remizowski, CNN
  • The president and former president will attend the New York event on September 11
  • Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will also there, Bloomberg says
  • Bloomberg: There will be "no speeches whatsoever"

New York (CNN) -- Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will be part of a small group of politicians to participate in the ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced during his weekly radio address Friday.

Also in attendance will be governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey, as well as former New York State Gov. George Pataki, who was in office at the time of the terrorist attacks.

Rudy Giuliani, who was New York City's mayor on that day, also will be on hand.

Bloomberg said ceremony planners intentionally kept the group of participants small.

"There's an awful lot of people who would like to participate, and you can't do that," he said.

Each speaker will read a passage or a poem. The readings will be timed to mark each of the day's tragedies -- including when the planes hit each tower of the World Trade Center and when the buildings collapsed, Bloomberg said.

The mayor added that this will be the most "solemn" of all of the September 11 ceremonies announced so far, and that selecting the readings in advance will keep the ceremony from getting political.

There will be "no speeches whatsoever," he said.

The ceremony will pay homage to each person who died in the terrorist attacks.

"We're going to read all the names for the first time, including those people who died in Washington and in Pennsylvania," Bloomberg said.