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Texas attorney hunts, kills big gator

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Texas attorney kills a 14-foot alligator
  • The alligator is the first he's ever hunted, he says

(CNN) -- A Texas attorney made personal history on a June hunting trip.

Levi McCathern of Dallas killed a 14-foot, 900-pound alligator along the Trinity River in Leon County on June 11. It was the first time he'd ever been alligator hunting, McCathern said.

"We got a lot of the meat and the hide, and all is at the taxidermy shop," he said. "We'll probably mount it."

The alligator, whose hind leg looks as big as a man's torso, was shot in the head with a .308-caliber rifle with a scope.

"I met some people who were 'Swamp People' on this (television) show," McCathern said. "I Googled these guys named the Gar Guys and found them. ... I said I want to go out with you ... they said sure, we'll just take you."

"Swamp People" is the popular History Channel show that chronicles the lives of Louisiana Cajuns who rely on alligator hunting season to make a living.

McCathern and his guide, Steve Barclay, spent two days stalking the animal down the river. He killed it with one shot.

McCathern hasn't confirmed if his was the largest alligator ever "taken" in Texas.