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Xe, formerly Blackwater, announces new chief

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • New CEO Ted Wright comes from KBR, which was once owned by Halliburton
  • Wright spent 30 years in active and reserve duty
  • An appeals court reinstated the case against Blackwater guards last month

(CNN) -- Xe, the security company formerly known as Blackwater, announced Wednesday that it has a new chief.

Ted Wright will become CEO, the company said, weeks after former Attorney General John Ashcroft joined to lead Xe's governance unit.

Wright has been a top official at KBR, the Texas-based defense giant once owned by Halliburton that serves as "the largest contractor for the United States Army," according to its website.

In a statement, Wright vowed to "help Xe navigate its next phase of development and growth."

Wright spent 30 years in the U.S. Air Force in active and reserve duty.

The announcement was put out by USTC Holdings, which owns Xe.

Blackwater was at the center of an international incident in 2007, when a shooting in Baghdad involving Blackwater guards left 17 Iraqis dead.

The company repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and was not charged.

Individual guards faced federal charges, which a judge dismissed. Last month, a federal appeals court reinstated the case against the guards.