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Boy's death, father's anguish mark storm's fury

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Tornado kills father's two young sons
  • The 3-year-old's body is found in a lake
  • His younger brother also died in storm
  • His mother has undergone "two pretty serious surgeries," a relative says
  • Oklahoma
  • Tornadoes

(CNN) -- A 3-year-old lost in the ferocious storm that swept through Oklahoma Tuesday night was found dead Thursday morning, authorities said.

The body of Ryan Hamil was found floating in a lake.

The search for him in Canadian County and his family's anguish drew worldwide attention. Ryan's younger brother, 15-month-old Cole, died in the storm as well. His older sister Cathleen survived, as did his mother, Catherine Hamil, who is pregnant.

"I lost both of my boys," said Ryan's father, Hank Hamil, crying before cameras at a news conference Thursday morning.

"Ryan was my little buddy. Cole was too. I loved them both," he said.

Hank Hamil was out of town during the storm. He returned Wednesday to join the search for his son.

His parents said Cathleen, 5, appears to be doing well in the hospital. Catherine Hamil had "two pretty serious surgeries," and the baby she is carrying seems to be "fine," said Hank Hamil's mother, Debra Hamil.

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