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Sources: Bin Laden leads not producing 'smoking gun kind of stuff'

By Susan Candiotti and Jeanne Meserve, CNN
  • No active plots have been detected, source says
  • 2 sources say information found so far is "aspirational"
  • "We should not be paralyzed by fear," counterterrorism official says

New York (CNN) -- A federal law enforcement source tells CNN that counterterrorism agents in New York are actively working leads tied to evidence obtained by the elite Navy SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden.

The source would not specifically describe the intelligence picked up or how it's being pursued. However, the source said there are no active plots that have been uncovered and reiterated that intelligence analyzed from the seizure in Pakistan so far has been of an aspirational nature.

At the same time, a counterterrorism official in Los Angeles told CNN the bin Laden operation has not produced any fresh actionable intelligence. This source also characterized the material as "aspirational" and said thus far it has confirmed what officials already knew.

The Los Angeles Police Department enhanced some surveillance and intelligence, and has tried to elevate attention to the possibility of a retaliatory attack, the official said, but information gleaned from the computers and documents has not launched any fresh investigations.

The situation, the official said, "confirms our view this is a current, real, and serious threat that needs to be taken seriously, but we should not be paralyzed by fear."

Separately, a U.S. counterterrorism official said there is "nothing specific, nothing imminent" as far as plot information coming from the confiscated bin Laden materials. The U.S. is not seeing "smoking gun kind of stuff," the official said, adding there is "information flowing" from the materials that analysts are looking at for leads but nothing so far has been specific.

National Security Producer Pam Benson contributed to this report.