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Recaptured cobra doing well, zoo director says

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Missing cobra slithers home
  • Recaptured cobra appears to be doing well, Bronx Zoo director says
  • She will be watched for a week then returned to display
  • The zoo plans a naming contest for the snake

New York (CNN) -- The Egyptian cobra that turned media darling following its escape and subsequent capture at the Bronx Zoo is doing well and should return to display in a week or so, the zoo's director said Friday.

The 3-ounce, 20-inch reptile slithered out of her enclosure on Saturday and turned up Thursday after zoo officials scattered rodent-scented wood shavings in a bid to lure her out in hopes of a meal.

Zoo officials still don't know how the snake got out, director Jim Breheny said.

"Anyone who has ever dealt with snakes or kept snakes knows that they are notorious as escape artists," he said.

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The disappearance of an animal whose venom can kill an elephant in three hours -- and a human in 15 minutes -- sparked more amusement than panic, drawing 200,000 followers to an anonymously authored Twitter feed that had the snake taking tours of the city and threatening to drop down the chimneys of unsuspecting city dwellers.

All the attention has brought plenty of notice to the zoo, Breheny said, laughing.

"It certainly has put us out there," he said. "But we would have preferred to be out there for another reason."

Still, the zoo is going to make the most of it.

Zoo workers will closely monitor the snake to make sure she's suffered no ill effects from her escapade, then will put her back on display so people who have been so supportive since her disappearance have a chance to see her, Breheny said.

Then they plan to have a naming contest with the New York Daily News.