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Across the country: Blago gets a new gig; vendors sell illegal cheese

Students in Illinois will be hearing more from their former governor.
Students in Illinois will be hearing more from their former governor.
  • Sex offender to be freed after castration
  • New bill would require drivers to start strapping their pets in with seatbelts
  • Puppy survives euthanasia
  • Health inspectors crack down on vendors selling illegal bathtub cheese

(CNN) -- Here is a quick glimpse of some of this week's quirky stories that you may have missed, courtesy of our CNN affiliates.

Blagojevich lands new gig

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has a new job as a keynote speaker for the largest high school student-run organization in the country.

From affiliate WGN

Bathtub cheese warning issued

In Bakersfield, California, state and local health inspectors are teaming up to catch vendors selling illegal bathtub cheese. The homemade cheese is known to be tainted with harmful bacteria.

From affiliate KERO

Cops say woman was folded into couch

A man is arrested and accused of folding a 66-year-old Palmetto, Florida woman into a fold-out couch. The man is the victim's daughter's ex-boyfriend.

From affiliate WWSB

Burned out gas station touts 69¢ gas

Puppy survives euthanasia

An Elk Grove, California, gas station owner whose business burned this week is making light of the situation and played a joke on drivers telling them to "Get it While it's Hot" and advertising gas for under $1.

From affiliate KTXL

1,100-year-old canoe discovered

The pouring rain didn't stop a team of archaeologists from digging up a part of Florida's past. Teams spent Tuesday morning in St. Petersburg unearthing what is estimated to have been a 45-foot-long pine canoe that is believed to be over 1,100 years old. The age of the canoe was confirmed by radiocarbon testing, researchers said.

From affiliate BN9

Sex offender to be freed after castration

A convicted sex offender is set to be freed in Port Allen, Louisiana, after serving only half his sentence, but only because he allowed doctors to castrate him.

From affiliate WAFB

Michael Vick to be honored as hero

Michael Vick is being honored as a hero next month at a black-tie event in Norfolk, Virginia, for his "resilience in overcoming obstacles" and becoming "a true example of life success for all to emulate," according to event organizers.

From affiliate WAVY

New bill would require dogs to wear seatbelts

Tennessee drivers may soon have to start strapping their pets into seatbelts. Under a bill sponsored by Rep. Jim Cobb, dogs or other animals must be restrained while in the interior of a motor vehicle in motion.

From affiliate WKRN

Puppy survives euthanasia

He was euthanized, declared dead and left in a dumpster, but somehow a 3-month-old Sulphur, Oklahoma, puppy is alive and now has whole new future ahead of him.

From affiliate KWTV