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Pentagon calculates cost to figure out the costs

By Charley Keyes, CNN Senior National Security Producer
  • Department of Defense 2012 budget documents now carry price tags
  • The Army says it spent more than $3.8 million on its budget materials
  • The Air Force: $2.3 million; the Navy and Marines: $1.1 million

Washington (CNN) -- Crunching all those numbers to figure out the budget comes with its own price tag. In a new initiative by the Pentagon to highlight the cost of all the reports generated, the 2012 Department of Defense budget documents come with price tags.

The Army, Navy and Air Force all provided separate budget documents. The Army's, in an olive green folder, even includes a separate full-year 2012 pocket guide to the budget. The Air Force does something similar in small-enough-for-a-pocket version.

All that paperwork costs money.

The main DoD overview booklet cost "approximately $38,000" according to a notation in the middle of page two. A separate report on weapons systems cost $20,000.

It's the individual services that do the heavy lifting on the budget details.

The Air Force 2012 budget report cost $2,319,150 to prepare and print. Navy and Marines: $1,108,000. The Army, on the back page of its pamphlet says, "The cost to prepare the Department of the Army's FY 2012 President's Budget justification and presentations material is approximately $3,826,000."