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Open postal truck scatters mail for 70 miles

By Leslie Tripp, CNN
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Mail scatters 70 miles across Missouri
  • Hundreds of pieces of mail fly out of the back of a mail contractor's truck
  • The mail is deposited along 70 miles of highway
  • The mail is mostly statements and bills, postal official says

(CNN) -- Hundreds of pieces of mail fluttered onto interstates in eastern Missouri Sunday after the back door of a contractor's semi carrying mail for the U.S. Postal Service popped open.

The mail was scattered along 70 miles of highway near St. Louis, according to Postal Inspector Dan Taylor, who said the tractor-trailer was carrying mostly statements and bills bound for the West Coast. He added that he didn't think any personal mail was lost.

The truck had just left a St. Louis-area distribution center and was headed to a Memphis, Tennessee, distribution point, Taylor said.

Police and postal authorities spent hours along the highway picking up mail Sunday afternoon.

The Postal Service is investigating how the incident happened so it can be prevented in the future, Taylor said.